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Your crown of glory is just ahead and because your birthday is today, you are closer to it. Happy birthday to an amazing daughter to daddy. I love you, dear.

You’ve given me more than love over the years. You taught me so much and showed me the importance that comes with having a daughter. Happy birthday!

You’ve been making me proud all this while. And I’m sure you’ve been making the world proud of you. Dad loves you and you have to know that always. Happy Birthday exceptional daughter.

You’re the smartest, kindest, most beautiful girl in the world. I’m proud to call you my daughter. Happy birthday!

You’re more light to my already lightened world. You’re the smile on my face. You’re the power behind my back. You’re my daughter and my life. Happy Birthday to you….dad cares a lot.

You were meant to be my daughter if not, why would you so fit perfectly into my life. I’m a proud father of you dear; let the love of God overshadow you. Happy birthday to you.

You deserve not just to be blessed but to be a blessing to many, may the Lord make that come into reality. I love you as a father loves her daughter. Happy birthday to you.

You are the princess and the fairytale of my life. Happy birthday my daughter!

You are so precious to me. Daughter, you bring me strength. You bring me happiness. But most of all, you bring my love. Happy birthday!

You are one of the most amazing kids out there; I say this because I see what’s inside of you grow each day my darling daughter. You make daddy proud happy birthday!

You are my pride and joy dear daughter and there is nothing more important to me than you. Happy Birthday daddy’s little angel!

You are already playing another chapter of the script that God wrote about you. May your life play out exactly as God planned it. Happy birthday you, pretty angel. Daddy says hurray!

Who is sweetest? My girl or her candy? My girl, of course! Happy birthday daughter!

Wherever you may wish to celebrate your birthday, remember that daddy still fancies cake, so send mine. Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter. Wishing you God’s choicest desires.

When you were young, I taught you how to walk and talk. Now I have to teach you how to sit down and shut-up. Happy birthday, smarty pants!

When you were born, you took all the darkness away. Happy birthday my daughter!

When I’m feeling down, I just think of you and I smile. How can I be sad when I have such a kind, wonderful daughter? Happy birthday!

When God steps in the situation of a man, his story changes, my you have a new and better story to share today my darling daughter. Daddy says happy birthday to you.

We fight the battle of life every day we are privileged to wake. May the battles of your life be overcome by the answered prayers you will receive. Happy birthday to you, daughter. From daddy.

"We are gifted by a daughter like you.
And today is the anniversary for that day.
Happy birthday to you!!"

Try to match all the pieces of the puzzle called love of the father to daughter. Even then, you won’t imagine how much I love you! Happy birthday my one and only.

Today we celebrated our youngest daughter, Albany, 16th birthday. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms as a baby. The years have went by so fast that I wished I could have some of them back because this means that it is just getting closer to all my girls leaving the nest. Albany I love you so much and you have made me a proud father. Love Dad!

Today marks another year of me being a father, a friend and mostly increased pride to have a daughter as strong as you. Have a cheerful birthday!

Today is the birthday of the most amazing, smart, beautiful girl in the world. My daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart!

"Today is the Birthday of a special person who has given vivid colors in our life.
It is none other than our sweetest daughter you.
Happy Birthday to you. My daughter"

To the most wonderful daughter on this glamorous day, I pray for that whenever you open your mouth to call on heaven, you‘ll be heard. Happy birthday to you.

This is how deep your love goes. It has no ends & you look for no applause. You make me proud to become a father. Happy birthday my sweet doll.

This day beautiful day is so memorable because it’s your birthday sweetheart. Daddy loves you and he says may your efforts yield fruitful results.

The most beautiful thing is the feeling happiness, your source of joy will never be taken from you. Happy birthday to daddy’s girl.

The Lord will visit you for divine upliftment in your entire endeavours daughter. I love you and I pray that as you mark another year in your life, God will never forsake you. Happy birthday to you.

The Lord triumphed over death and gave you victory, your victory is certain. Happy birthday to an amazing lady who doubles as my daughter. I remain your daddy.

The joy of a father is having joyful children who will also be joy to the world. I have a daughter in you who’s a joy to the world. Happy Birthday my sweetheart. God bless.

The favour of the Most High will always be on you dear young lady. Your past years are preparing grounds for greatness, I can pray for a better daughter. Happy birthday to you.

Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the daughter that trusts in him. As you trust God, you will never be disappointed. Happy birthday to you, sweet daughter.

Since the moment our eyes met, you made me want to be the best father to my little princess, I hope so far so good. Make many memories on your birthday today!

Since I was a young man I wanted to be rich. My wish came true. I am your father. Happy birthday my daughter!

Screaming happy 7th birthday to my little rose, my sweet daughter! Words can't describe how happy I am to be your dad. The love I have for you is beyond measure, uncountable and I'm so happy that God gives me a chance to be in your father. You make me swollen with pride. Have fun my little princess!

"Only a daughter
will lend you a shirt –
Help you get moved
share a dessert.
Not say a word
unless asked for advice –
Only a daughter
who’s nice.
Only a Daughter
will cover your butt –
Stand up for your rights
tell you what’s what.
Offer a thoughtful
and smart point of view –
Be the one person
who keeps coming through.
Someone you just gotta love
and we do! –
Only a daughter like YOU!
Happy Birthday Daughter"

No matter how old you are, to me, you will always be my little girl. Have a brilliant Birthday! Love Dad

No matter how many your prayers are, the Lord will answer them all and give you the joy of salvation. Let this always be made known to you; I love you not because I’m just your father but more because you are my daughter.

My One Year Old Baby girl I love you more than the very air I breathe, heck, you are the air I breathe. I can’t wait for you to wake up so we can go have some fun in the sun. Daddy loves you Hobbit! I cannot believe you are already one....

"My dear daughter, I am lucky to have daughter like you.
And the day when you come to our life is not only celebration for you,
but also for us. Happy birthday!!"

My daughter, If only I could force you all the happiness of the world, I would have already done it. Happy birthday!

My beautiful daughter, we played so many little games, I tried to give in to all your beautiful claims. I took you into bed every night with love and care and you plant a kiss on my forehead very tight. It is your birthday tomorrow, I love you, my beautiful angel.

My beautiful daughter turn a new age today and all I can do is thank heavens for making me a father of such a fine young woman. Hearty birthday!

May nothing ever come between our bond my little princess. Daddy is always going to be here for you, hearty birthday my lovely daughter.

Looking at the past, I could see you’re better today by a wide margin. Looking at the future, I could see you’ll be better than today. Happy Birthday my girl. Dad loves you a lot.

Keep smiling because the world has a special gift to give you. Keep smiling because you’re a special gift to the world. Happy Birthday my Lil damsel daughter. Dad can’t do a day without you.

It’s not easy being a father. It takes hard work and time, but you made the job a lot easier. You were always doing your homework, finishing your chores, but most importantly, showing me love. I’m so thankful. Happy birthday!

It is not by labour but the favour of God. May the God in your race grant you speed to recover everything you have lost. Happy birthday to you, daughter.

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