Happy birthday wishes for Daughter In Law

My son has a reputation for a mess and an unorganized lifestyle. When you came into his life, everything fell into place. His life has become more organized and you turned his mess into a loving home. Happy bday our sweet daughter-in-law.

My son feels jealous because all my attention and love is now directed towards you. But what can I do, it is his fault that he got me such a caring and lovely daughter-in-law. Happy birthday.

My son always had a sweet tooth. I’m not surprised he chose someone as sweet as you! Happy birthday to our dearest daughter-in-law.

My dear daughter-in-law, you are an answered prayer. Not only has our son found a wonderful woman to spend the rest of his life with, God gave you to me as a lovely daughter, full of love and kindness, as well. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Marrying you is not only a gift that has our son has received, having you as our daughter-in-law is such a joy and blessing in our lives. Wonderful birthday!

Making our son blissfully happy and taking wonderful care of our grandchildren, makes you such a precious treasure in our lives. Best birthday, dear daughter-in-law.

Loving you is easy for us. Your very presence adds joy and happiness to our family. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Daughter-In-Law!

Looking at how bouncy, happy and precious our grandchildren are and how our son looks so in-love and energetic, could only be possible with your caring and loving ways. Wonderful birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.

Life partners like you, are like rare pearls that are discovered only by a lucky few. I’m glad you and my son chose each other! Happy birthday to the world’s best daughter-in-law!

Life is not easy. Often times, it is riddled with hardships that threatens to bring a person down to his knees. Remember, our dear sweet one, that you have your family, and us, your in-laws to back you up now. You have a whole army of people who love you dearly and whom you can draw strength from. Best birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.

Let’s both admit it. Marriage is not as rosy and easy as we thought it will be. There will be turbulent times; while there will be blissful moments. There will be times that you will hurt each other, while there will times that you will learn how to forgive. That’s how relationships are! It is a rollercoaster ride indeed! Knowing that our son is taking this journey with you puts my heart at ease, because you are a woman of warmth and joy. Best bday, our sweet daughter-in-law.

Less of a daughter-in-law, more a friend. To how much we love you, there is no end. Happy birthday!

It’s so nice to have a daughter-in-law like you who makes our family proud and happy. We love you dearly. Happy birthday, our dearest daughter-in-law.

It is your loving arms that make our son the happiest man in the world. So for that, we sincerely thank you. We couldn’t have asked for a better daughter-in-law. Happy birthday!

It is impossible to get a more perfect daughter-in-law than you. You are perfect in every sense of the word. My blessings for you on this special day!

In this bright and beautiful day, we wish you a landslide of blessings, a pocketful of luck and wealth, and a fountain of health and love to take with you wherever you go. Wonderful bday, dear daughter-in-law.

If you weren’t my daughter-in-law, you’d be my BFF for sure! Happy birthday bestie!

If you and I competed to see who can keep a mother-in-law happier, you would win hands down. Happy birthday and thank you for all that you’ve done for me!

If we are to have a real daughter, we would want her to be like you; sweet as an angel, as gentle as a soft breeze on a summer day, and as beautiful as a blooming flower on spring. Happy birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.

I’m so proud to call you my daughter-in-law. I hope your special day is as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday.

I’m so glad you found your way into our family. And we’ve vowed to keep you, even if it means tying you down. Happy birthday, daughter-in-law.

I’m so glad destiny brought you into this family. We could not have asked God for a better daughter-in-law. Happy birthday, dear.

I’m guilty!! Yes, I’m guilty of boasting to the whole world what a fab daughter-in-law I’ve got!! Happy birthday!!

I wish I had not one son but two. I wouldn’t mind having another daughter-in-law if she was just like you. Happy birthday.

I want to stop calling you daughter-in-law and start calling you daughter-in-love. That is because you are related to us more by love than just by law. Happy birthday.

I have only one complaint for you – your love and pampering has made me so lazy that I hate it when you are not around. Happy birthday to the sweetest daughter-in-law in the world.

I don’t have to worry that my grandchildren will get short of affection because I have you with me to shower them with all the love they need and more! Wonderful birthday, dear daughter-in-law.

I consider myself very lucky to experience the joys that come with having a son. Because, one of best things that come with a having a son is having a daughter-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

I believe in karma simply because all the good things I’ve done in my life led to the point of destiny giving me a daughter-in-law like you! Happy birthday dear.

I always told my son that your future will be shaped by the woman you marry. Now I know for sure that he is going to have a fantastic future. Happy birthday to my loving daughter-in-law.

I always handpicked gifts for my son for every special occasion in his life. But he has beaten my track record by hand picking the most beautiful gift that he could ever give me – my daughter-in-law. Happy birthday.

How can you have such a big heart? You are willing to share your love to our son, our grandchildren, to us, your in-laws and to the entire family and friends as well. Best birthday, our sweet and generous daughter-in-law.

Here’s a toast, to the woman who came into our lives as a daughter-in-law and remains as the daughter we never had. Happy birthday!

Having such a responsible, caring and kind daughter-in-law is more than a blessing for this family since you have been able to take care of our son as nobody else could. Happy birthday!

Have you given a lot of thought when you have decided to become a part of a new family? I have to warn you that our family likes to do a lot of adventurous and crazy things together. We are noisy and we love eating. Well, I guess you have no choice now, right? Welcome to the crew, sweet one! I know you will love us no matter what since you managed to love our son, wholly for who he is. Wonderful bday, our darling daughter-in-law.

Happy birthday, my dear daughter-in-law. On your special day, I just want you to know how grateful we are to the good Lord for making you part of our family. May all your dreams come true. Enjoy your birthday.

Happy birthday, daughter-in-law. I was thinking of what present to give you on your birthday, but then I thought I don’t need to give you any more present since you already have the perfect gift in the form of our son.

Happy birthday to our wonderful daughter-in-law! We are so glad that you became a part of our family!

Happy birthday to our charming, kind and loving daughter-in-law! May your life be always rich with joy and happiness!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-law. Our son is fortunate to have a beautiful wife like you by his side.

Happy birthday to a daughter-in-law, who has the most WONDERFUL in-laws in the world.

Happy birthday to a beautiful woman, a loving wife, a caring mother and a sweet daughter-in-law! May your day be full of joy, laughter and lovely surprises!

Happy bday, our daughter-in-law! Let us celebrate this special day with a grand toast and the tastiest cake of your choice. We can take care of the kids while you and our son are away on a sweet date tonight. Have a blast today!

God gave us the great gift of you. We are proud to have a woman like you as our daughter-in-law. May your happy birthday be blessed!

Girls like you are hard to come by, this is why I am excited to have you as my daughter-in-law. I’m sure my son is in the best hands he could Happy birthday!

For the best things in life, you need patience, and now I know that it is true. After all, I had to wait such a long time to have a daughter-in-law like you. Happy birthday!

Finally, I can officially write you a birthday card and call you my daughter-in-law in it! Welcome to the family, dear. Best bday!

Don’t ever let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. Keep pushing on, and all your dreams and aspirations shall come running into your open arms. I hope you have an amazing birthday, daughter-in-law.

Dear, daughter-in-law, we are so happy to have such a wonderful person like you in our family. We wish you a happy birthday.

Dear daughter-in-law, we wish you success in your dreams and the fulfilment of your heart’s greatest desire as you have fulfilled ours. Wonderful birthday.

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