Happy New Year Wishes

"Your smile speaks volume to me, your voice sing to me,
your eyes convey to me and all that you do is special for me.
This is because you are the dearest to me and here’s wishing you a fabulous New Year!"

You witnessed my every pratfall and tolerated every bad joke. You’re still smiling with me, and I love you for that. Happy New Year.

With your compassion and generosity, you redefined the meaning of best friends. I have been blessed. Happy New Year to a wonderful human who happens to be my dearest friend.

"With this New Year, I wish you get a better tomorrow and a best today!
Happy New Year."

With New Year comes new possibilities, new relationships, and new opportunities.

"Wishing you happiness and success in life for this New Year.
May God bless you. "

Wishing you a successful, happy, peaceful, and joyful New Year with family & Friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

"Wishing you a happy new year!
May success kiss your feet and love embraces your life.
God bless."

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

"Wish you get a healthy body, a wealthy mind, a lovely heart in this New Year.
Happy new year."

"Wish you a very happy New year ahead,
full of happiness and let the journey of life be full of successful milestones.
Happy New Year."

Wish that your days be plated in gold, encrusted with diamonds, sparkled with silver dust and spent in good company. Enjoy the New Year as well as the days following.

Winter holidays is my favourite time of the year, because it’s usually cold enough to find myself in the warm arms of my loving family. Happy New Year!

"Whenever I think of the New Year, I always think about you.
Even if we are miles apart, you are always wished well and prayed for.
Have a great new year!"

When the New Year arrives, it brings with it new ideas and ways to make our lives good to better and ultimately better to best.

"We are at the ending point of this year.
Just thought I should thank everyone who made me smile.
You are of them so here goes…
thank you and a very happy new year!"

"We all have different paths in life,
but no matter where we go,
we take a little of each other everywhere So,
write it on your heart.
That every day is the best day of the year.
Happy New Year."

"Two words will open all doors Love and Smile.
So Keep Smiling and spread the love this year.
The coming year will bless you with all happiness I wish Happy New Year."

To put an end to something old, we have to start a thing new, wishing you with a joy-filled heart though the words here are few. A very happy new year!

Throughout life we meet people who judge us for our clothing, our make up, the way we talk and the way we walk. But there are people who know the real you and it makes them so special – it’s your family. My dear family, I wish you the beast of joy and happiness in the New Year.

Though we aren’t celebrating the New Year together, but we are always connected even when far away. May God bless and protect our family throughout the entire New Year. May we have the strength to forgive and forget our past mistakes and increase our family bonds.

"This New Year is a perfect time to forget sorrows and remember good things in life.
Happy New Year."

This magic night would never be so special without my family laughing and cheering right beside me. You’ve been so carrying and supportive through this year, and the man who’s standing in front of you now is the man you’ve made so happy and grateful. Happy New Year!

The world can be very cruel sometimes. Problems at work, broken hearts, emotional exhaustion – all of those things make us very miserable. But the family always supports you, no matter what happened. I want to wish my amazing family the biggest happiness. Have a rocking New Year!

The only thing I want to do, when the clock strikes 12, is to kiss you harder than I’ve ever done before, so that the universe gets a message on what I want to be doing for the rest of the year. Happy New Year!

Thank you for being a friend even when I did not deserve one. You are a gem. May you have the biggest, happiest and craziest celebration on New Year’s eve.

"Sun, moon and stars,
it’s all so far in the sky.
I wish they all comes closer to bless you with all happiness and joy this year a healthy, happy, happy new year"

Sometimes I really regret that I can’t afford to spend enough time with my precious family, but I believe that on New Year’s night I can fix it all. Can’t wait to see you tonight! Happy New Year!

"Rock this coming new year just as how rocking you are.
Wish you and your lovely family a very happy new year. "

People take vodka and tequila shots, May this new year eve you take shots of love, hope, care and mind you the first one lasts till eternity.

Out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!

"Open your eyes,
look at the bright day awaiting you,
forget all bad dreams and start afresh.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!"

"One tiny change can be exactly what you need to start a new life.
I wish you big opportunities, joy and inner peace in this New year!"

On the off chance that you can’t fly then run, on the off chance that you can’t run then walk, on the off chance that you can’t walk then slither, yet whatever you do you need to guarantee that you are pushing ahead. That is the manner by which you going to have a fruitful New Year.

"Old is gone and new is here, forget your sorrows and your tear,
Wish you a very very very Happy New Year."

New Years come, and New Years go, but our friendship has stood the test of time. Wishing you the best in this upcoming year!

"New Year promises fresh start and fills every heart with hopes and aspirations.
Here is sending my wishes of love and laughter this day and forever."

New Year is the time when I think about my overriding achievements. And I’m so happy to know that every year my biggest achievement stays the same: it is always being loyal to my family. There is nothing more important than you. Happy New Year!

New Year gives you a chance to show that how good are you at breaking your resolutions. Happy New Year

New dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new joys: wishing my new love a very Happy New Year.

"New are the hopes and aspirations,
new are the resolutions,
new are the spirits and new is the year!"

My only wish for you on this new year is that May God give you the best of health so that you can prosper in every single endeavor of your life!

"My New Year’s resolution is to avoid meeting people who ask me about
my New Year resolutions."

May your New Year’s Eve ring with laughter and cheer! Marking the start of a blessed New Year!

May you be blessed with all the beautiful and wonderful things that life has to offer in 2018. Wish you a Happy New Year.

May you be blessed enough to spend this new year with your parents, friends, loved ones. Be grateful and you will have only good things come your way.

May this year bring to your opportunities, wealth, health, happiness and prosperity in abundance. Happy New Year.

"May this year bring to you all 365 days of happiness and joy.
Happy New Year."

"May this year bring new happiness,
new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life.
Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness."

"May this year be the one in which all your wishes come true.
The one in which your dreams may turn into reality and all your fears may fade away.
Happy new year!"

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