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On this special day I want to thank you Dad for being the best father in the world, for supporting me always and making me realize my strengths. Thank you for everything.

On Father’s Day, I wanted to send you a card thanking you for everything you’ve done for me (financial support and love) and for the things you haven’t done for me (letting me sass you, not letting me date “that” guy, giving me stuff without earning it). Love you!

On Father’s Day, I see selfless sacrifice, lifelong dedication and unrelenting hard work. I hope you see rewards in your children who recognize the sometimes thankless job of a great Father. We love you Dad.

On Father’s Day, I decided to come up with a list that represents all the gifts you’ve given me (in no particular order): An appreciation of the value of goofiness, a focused moral compass, the golden rule and most of all — LOVE.

No words can describe how much I cherish you! Happy Father’s Day.

No one can ever occupy the space that I have reserved for you in my heart, Dad. Thank you very much for all the sacrifices you have made for me to ensure I have a better life. I love you immensely, dad. Happy Father’s Day.

No I will never wish for another father but you, happy father’s day to you, Pa.

My father is the best, and I am so proud of him. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. I hope you enjoy every second of this day.

May fathers always be good to their children, all the time, happy father’s day!

Love you Dad for being the best mentor and supporting me in whatever I do. Though I may not be the best daughter but you are a perfect father for me. Happy Father’s Day daddy.

Lots of love to the most wonderful and special dad on the earth as I could not get a better friend than you are to me. Happy Fathers Day!

Lots of love to my dearest father on Father’s Day. Papa, may happiness and peace follow you wherever you go. I love you.

Life was simpler back then but a father remains the same, happy father’s day!

Just the other night, I was recalling memories of my childhood. No matter what I thought of, there was one common element. You were always there. I am so blessed to always have you by my side. You are the best dad. Happy Father’s Day!

It wasn’t until I became a father myself that I could truly understand what it means to truly love. I have great admiration and love for what you did for us growing up. No one deserves the title of Grandpa more than you. Happy Father’s Day!

I will never outgrow you, papa, I will always love you, happy father’s day.

I was going to buy you a sweater, but the way you hold on to your clothes, I’d be seeing that thing for the next 30 years. Happy Father’s Day! Here’s a soda.

I remember you patting my back on the times I fail, I still thank you for that everyday.

I may not say this very often to you, Papa, but I love you with every single beat of my heart. You mean the world to me! I wish you a very happy Father’s Day. God bless you.

I may not have always been the easiest child to raise, but you have always been the most consistent dad. Thanks for putting up with me all of the years. Here’s to an easier road ahead with less bumps and more sunshine. Happy Father’s Day!

I could never have asked God for a better father. Dad, my Father’s Day wish for you is that prosperity and happiness accompany you wherever you go. Happy Father’s Day.

I am the luckiest child in the world because I have the most amazing father in the world. Happy Father’s Day to you, my wonderful father.

Hopefully this Father’s Day will provide you as much fun as before you had kids.

Here’s wishing you a year of love, luck, and money to pay your child support. Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! On this day, may the good Lord bless you with all your heart’s desires.

Happy Father’s Day to the sweetest, gentlest, and kindest man around. You truly are one of a kind, Pops!

Happy Father’s Day to the sweetest father on Earth. When I look back at all the sacrifices you made in your life just to put a smile on my face, saying “thank you” is simply not enough. Dad, all I can say is that for as long as I live I will never forget the incredible love you showed me.

Happy Father’s day to the most honorable man that I know in this world.

Happy Father’s Day to my much much older friend!

Happy early Father’s Day! I just couldn’t hold in my love for you and all you do. I love you, Dad!

Happy belated Father’s Day! I’d say I just forgot the day, but honestly I forgot you even were a father.

Happy belated Father’s Day! I may be late but I am not any less grateful. You are loved indeed.

Happiest of Father’s Days to the man who raised me, taught me life lessons, and held my hand along the way. You are more than just a father, you are a true dad. I love you always and forever!

Guys like you are barely able to speak to a lady, let alone father a child. I’m amazed at your luck. Happy Father’s Day, buddy!

From the moment I was born, I’ve always known you’re on my side. On Father’s Day, I want to express my love for you and guarantee you that same dedication going forward.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have not only made me comfortable in my own skin, but have pushed me to help others feel the same. You truly are a one in a million father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

From Day 1, you have been the role model I have always needed. Confident, strong, respectful, and humble. Just when I thought I would never have a dad, you stepped into my life. Happy Father’s Day to the man I am now proud to call my very own!

For picking me up whenever I fall down, I am thankful, happy father’s day, Daddy.

Fathers like you are one of a kind, that’s for sure. And, thank Heaven for that. The world couldn’t handle any more like you. Ha! Happy Father’s Day, old man!

Father’s Day, Schumacher’s Day! I don’t need a designated day to tell you how instrumental you’ve been in my development, how I make every decision in my life based on what you would do. No one’s going to force me into commercializing my relationship with you! P.S. I love you, Dad.

Father’s Day seems to be a day of last-minute cards, cheap gifts, and quick phone calls. For me, though, it means celebrating the best man I have ever known. Thanks for being both my teammate and coach in life. You rock, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day isn’t just for biological fathers. It is for every man who has a positive and lasting impact on another life. On this day, I would like to thank you for all you have done for and meant to me over the years. Your adoption of me was truly life changing. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad around!

Father’s Day gives me a chance to explain how truly blessed I am that my Heavenly Father has abundantly graced me with the most wonderful Earthly Father. I thank God for you every day. Have a great day, Dad.

Every time I go down on my knees to pray, I thank the Lord for blessing me with a loving and caring father like you. I love you so much, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

Even if I have a family of my own I still miss you, Daddy, happy father’s day to you.

Dear Dad, you are the best there could ever be. I am humbled and honored that you have been not only my father, but also my mentor and friend. Here’s to you today and always. Happy Father’s Day!

Darkness will only make Papa shine even more, happy father’s day, Papa.

Dad, you’ve always showered us with your love. And we love you so much for that. Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you were always present in my life and taught me very important things in life. Thank you, Dad, for a job well done. Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you are the steady influence in my life, I love you and happy father’s day.

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