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Gray hair is said to be a crown of glory, so pastor, it can be that you are now wiser than before.

God taught us that the greatest love is that of a man willing to sacrifice. Happy birthday!

God is walking beside you, telling you what things you should be able to remember.

God is the only person who can make people happy, truly happy. Best bday, pastor!

For showing me what divinity and faith really means, thank you and happy birthday to you.

For showing me that no matter what age a person is, he matters, thank you so much, pastor.

For now, we just want you to know how much we care for you, we hope you are always happy.

For letting us be the sheep that you will keep guiding, happy birthday to our shepherd.

For leading us towards the greater good and telling us about the Lord, wonderful bday, pastor

For keeping the faith in our hearts burning with passion for God, we are grateful to you.

For being a blessing in our everyday lives, here is to you, happy bday, dear pastor!

For as long as you can be proud of your pastor, it’s a thing of joy to always want to send him some wishes on his birthday.

For all the things that you have taught us, ever since, we thank you for them. Best birthday!

For a quiet moment, I sat down and your words echoed in my ears. Thank you so much, pastor.

Every day, we thank God for placing you among us and giving us a guide to the road of faith.

Every day is another gift from God so we are thankful for another year with you, dear pastor.

Even you cease to exist, your words will be remembered by, dearest pastor. Happy birthday to you!

Dear pastor, we wish you all the best. We hope that you have fun today, happy birthday!

Dear pastor, we hope that you get whatever your heart truly desires, best bday!

Dear pastor, we are honored to be celebrating your birthday with you today. Thank you!

Cheers to another year of your guidance and love for us. Wonderful bday, sir pastor!

Birthdays are certainly celebrations for the ones we love. Best birthday, dear pastor!

Best bday to the one person who has believed in everyone here, happy birthday to you!

Behind this successful church that we have is you, a kind and loving pastor. Wonderful bday!

Becoming a better virtue of myself would have been more difficult without you instructing me on how to walk and which way to go, you are a man with a vision to walk with God and he will continue to bless you helping you achieve your goals. Happy birthday to you Pastor.

As you clock [insert age] today, may God’s blessings, glory, and grace be upon you and your family. Happy birthday to my friend, life coach, and pastor!

As you act upon God’s word daily, may your strength be renewed in Him. Happy birthday, pastor.

Another birthday to you, one year closer to eternity with God. Happy bday, pastor!

And we will pray to God that you will be given a longer, healthier and happier life, pastor.

Although things may seem hard, you showed us that prayers are the answers to life questions.

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