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Thank you for all the things that you do for us, pastor. Happy bday to you!

So let us show you how grateful we are to God for giving you to us. Wonderful bday!

Pastor, you have taught us unconditionally love for the God in your teaching and preaching. Thanks for all things you have done for us. We wish you a special happy birthday!!

Pastor, wonderful bday to you. I hope you spend this day full of happiness and hope for a bright tomorrow.

Pastor, we wish you good health and many more birthdays to come.

Pastor, thank you for guiding us to the way of Christ, for showing us the right way to do things.

Our family is blessed to have you in our ministry. Best birthday, and many more to come!

On your special day I wish you the very best, God will be by your side always, he will be your protector and saviour, he will not forsake you and answer your prayers when you pray. Happy birthday to you pastor.

Need to send Christian birthday messages to a pastor, Catholic/parish priest, or minister but finding it difficult to figure out what to write or say? Here are examples of good wishes and greetings to write in a card or note for a spiritual leader on their birthday.

My Dear Pastor, Birthdays come and go & years may pass away, But God’s love & forgiveness will never fade upon you. His love is there for all the time, in your hearts evermore will always remain true. Happy Birthday!!

Maybe things are going to be a whole lot better tomorrow, just pray. Best birthday, pastor!

May you have many more birthdays as you continue to serve the God in the ministry He has given to you!! We are grateful for your truthfulness & teaching. Happy Birthday to you great Pastor!!

May you continue to serve the Lord, to spread the faith. Happy bday, our dearest pastor!

May we continue being led by your even when life is hard, thank you so much, pastor.

May this birthday warm your heart with love!! May God’s warmth always with you, Pastor! May god bless you as you lead us in His ways!! Happy Birthday to a man of God!!

May the words of the Lord continue to abide with you and your family. Happy birthday, pastor.

May the Lord watch over us as we celebrate the birthday of His shepherd happy birthday!

May the glory of God keep shinning in your heart. Happy birthday, pastor.

May the charm of God & Holy Spirit always be with you all the times!! I wish you an amazing and blissful moment on your birthday and for future. Happy Birthday, pastor!! God bless you!! Amen!!

May God’s plan for you, to give you a hope and a future, come to pass. Happy birthday, pastor.

May God bless you, always and you have more fun today because it is your birthday, pastor.

May God always bless you and that you get the things you are wishing for our beloved pastor.

Life is full of challenges but you taught us that we can overcome them all, best birthday to you!

Let us celebrate for another year older and for the things that you did for us. Happy bday!

Just keep on believing in God and all the blessings that He brings. Happy bday pastor!

Just enjoy life and know that we will always be here to support you , always. Happy bday to you, dearest pastor!

In this special day, we hope that you have fun, because you have been so busy recently.

In one of its song the psalmist wrote “He will bless them that fear the LORD” because you have proven to be a man fearing God you will live to exalt his name. Happy birthday to you pastor.

In everything you do God will enrich you and strengthen you, he will gift you the holy spirit to be your helper. You are a man worth celebrating. Happy birthday to you pastor.

I wish you many happy returns of your special day. Happy birthday, pastor.

I wish you grace to further more in the assignment given to you by God. Happy birthday, pastor.

I wish you bountiful increase in all you do, in Jesus’name. Happy birthday, pastor.

I wish today be the most loving day of your life. And may the rest of your life be the best of your life. Happy birthday, pastor.

I want to express my gratitude Pastor for answering God’s call. Your life is an inspiration itself which reminds us about the blessing that God have bestowed upon us. Best wishes for your birthday, pastor!!

I just wish that you know how much you are loved by the people you serve, dearest pastor.

I hope you get tons of blessing from God this year because you deserve it. Wonderful birthday, pastor!

I hope you feel the touch of Jesus’ hand on your shoulder telling you how great you are.

I hope you experience that feeling of having an everlasting peace and prosperity, pastor.

I hope that once He enters your heart, he will stay there forever. Happy birthday, pastor!

I hope that God keeps on blessing you from now until the days to come because you are so awesome in all ways possible, dear pastor.

I hope that god blesses you on this day, your special day, happy birthday to my dear pastor!

I can’t express my feeling that how much I love your congregation. You have shown us what is dedication and knowledge. You are a true legend & a precious gift to this whole church family. Dear Pastor, Happy birthday to you!!

I am wishing that you will have enough strength to keep on working for us and your family.

He has been a great pastor, a father, friend, brother or sister? Then he or she deserves the loveliest of happy birthday woshes for a pastor.

Happy Birthday, Pastor!!May the Almighty God comes down on earth today specially to bless you with health, cheerfulness & joyous time ahead!!

Happy birthday, my pastor. God bless you beyond measures. Enjoy…

Happy birthday, darling pastor. I wish you receive the loads of gifts God has for you on your special day.

Happy birthday to you, pastor. I wish you great wonders in your life.

Happy birthday to my hospitable pastor and mentor. You are committed to your words of truth, prayerful, and you have dedicated all your life to teaching and preaching sound doctrines using inspirational Bible verses. I’m highly honored to celebrate with you today, and I wish you many more years of success and happiness.

Happy bday to my most trusted person in this world, happy birthday to you, dear pastor!

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