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"Happy Birthday to
The woman I can’t
Imagine life without
My wonderful aunt
You’re an inspiration
And a guiding light
So celebrate you When you party tonight "

"For my aunt on her birthday, I want her to know that I think she is beautiful just the way she is.
No matter how old, age is only a number.
So today on your birthday I want you to know that you look
as flawless as could be.
Happy birthday dear auntie, I love you so."

"For all the amazing drives with you
For those scoops of ice cream I share
I silently know about you my aunt
I know that you always care
You want good for me in life
You want that I find success in through
On this special day of yours
There is something I also want to tell you
You will always have a special place in my heart
It's been this way from the start
Happiest birthday to you my dear
Don't forget to spread the cheer!"

"Every aunt want to be the known
as the cool aunt
The type of aunt that let’s you stay
up pass bedtime
And you were this type towards me
And that’s why your my favorite
So have a happy birthday"

"Even though you are getting older

You look beautiful and cool

If I posted your picture on my Facebook wall

Lots of guys would check it out and drool

You are the perfect combination of good looking and sweet

Wish you happy birthday, may you get lots of treats"

"Even though I don’t see you frequently

I always miss you badly and dearly

Even though you are always busy

I think of you continuously

As you celebrate your birthday joyously

Just imagine that I am hugging you vehemently

You are the aunt who has always treated me lovingly

I send you my best wishes and I love you immensely

Happy birthday"

"Dear aunt, there’s no one quite like you,
You’re spunky, funny, and perky—it’s true.
When I heard it was your birthday I just couldn’t resist.
For your birthday I hope you have quite a day, a very grand birthday, that’s what I wished. "

"Dear aunt
I could have just wrote on facebook
For your birthday
But you deserve better than that
And I just wanted to say
How much I love you
For all of your love and support
I hope your birthday is wonderful!"

"Calling you aunt

Is just a formality

For I think of you

As my bestie

I can chat with you

Late into the night

Until I figure out

What is wrong and right

We have ties of blood

Not just because we’re family

But because we are friends

Who love each other dearly

Happy birthday"

"Cake and balloons make the day a party, and today is the perfect day for that.
Today is birthday its finally here I want you know that you are a dear,
You are my aunt and I love you so much. Happy birthday dear aunt. "

"Blessings are always in different forms
You are the silent blessing in my life
You share my life and all my sorrows
You give my new hope for tomorrow
You inspire me to be as I am
You motivate me all along
And tell me to be all strong
A loving relation that I have with you
I have with only one and few
To a lovely aunt of mine
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
God bless you!"

"Aunts make wonderful second-mothers
and their love is just as strong.
Enjoy your day, and as you say,
I have never been wrong,
so you will have the best of birthdays
and be loved by all who know you."

"Aunts are truly like angels on earth
They shower with so much affection and care
They are there in your every need
And the way they help you to take the lead
Aunts are like angels who love you without reason
No matter what is the season
Thy are the other name for love
There is only care and no shove
Thanks for being such a wonderful aunt that you are
Wishing a very happy birthday to you
God bless you!"

"Aunts are special women
who specialize in fun days
and awesome gifts.
They don’t act like mothers,
and act more like friends,
which is why “cool aunt” exists.
As far as aunts go,
I’m pretty sure I have one of the coolest.
Happy birthday!"

"Aunts are like pillows

They give a tender support

When you need them for something

You will always get their vote

I am lucky to have an aunt like you so fine

You are the inspiration that makes me shine

Happy birthday"

"Aunts are always called as second mothers in life
Aunts give some love in time
The way they care and the way they share
You know that they are always there
They do things to please you
And you know that they are lovely too
So, for a wonderful aunt like you
There is a super thank you
Happy birthday to you
Have a blessed day ahead!"

"Aunts are a lot like mothers

But slightly different

They come without the yelling

And they aren’t so blunt

They also shower

Treats more often

And do things that are

A lot of fun

They hardly ever nag

And are always ready to play

All they bring is joy

In their niece or nephew’s way

From such lovely aunts

All mothers should take cue

If every mother was like you

Happy birthday"

"Auntie we think of you
Auntie we care
Auntie you live so far away

Auntie we love you
Auntie your special
Auntie have a fantastic day
Have a Special Birthday"

"Auntie dear Auntie
your the greatest one i have
your like a friend to me
instead of my Aunt
you open up your arms
when you see me coming
so can i say a wish for you
For the best birthday

"As sweet as a macaroon

In my life, you are a boon

As tangy as candy

You always make me happy

Just like a really good meal

Everyone’s hearts, you steal

The taste of your care, I will savor

Not just now but forever

Happy birthday aunt"

"As I Was Growing Up
You Were Always My Favourite Aunt
You Taught me so much
Even Now I have Grown Up you Still are
My Favourite Aunt so
Auntie Have a Wonderful 81st Birthday"

"An Auntie is like a sister,
The one you never had,
Who tickles you till you laugh non stop,
And never makes you sad!
She takes you out clothes shopping,
And lets you buy *that* dress,
And an Auntie lets you bake cupcakes,
And doesn’t mind the mess!
I love my Auntie."

"An aunt like you

To a niece like me

You make my life

Carefree and bubbly

Although there is a large

Age gap between us

We get along like besties

Without any fuss

We aren’t just like

Any other aunt and niece

Of my life’s puzzle

You are a precious piece

Happy birthday"

"An aunt is such a special person
who loves you like her own.
Her heart open, her ears are perked
to call you on the phone.
She confesses all the secrets
of her lively youth.
She answers all your weirdest questions
and always tells the truth.
Happy Birthday Aunt!"

"Although we don’t meet often

You are always in my mind

I think of you many times

Even through life’s daily grind

Although I haven’t seen you

Since quite a long while

Thinking of you always makes

My face light up with a smile

I miss you a lot, dear aunt

On this special occasion

I send you lots of hugs

Since I can’t be there in person

Happy birthday"

"A thoughtful soul of kindness,
A great big heart of love,
A gentle caring spirit,
An angel from above.
My auntie is quite perfect,
So on this special day,
I want to tell her that I love her,
She deserves a great birthday.
Have An Amazing Birthday!"

" To my dear aunt…

Mom likes you because

You are the best

Dad likes you because

You are better than the rest

All the cousins like you because

You are the life of the family

But I like admire you because

You bring out the best in me

Happy birthday"

" Our family would be a boring bunch

If we didn’t come every Sunday to yours for lunch

I look forever to meeting you every weekend

Because you are less of an aunt, more of a friend

Happy birthday"

" I pity the nephews and nieces

Who don't have aunts like you

To help put together life's pieces

Learning from an aunt like you

I have ironed out my life's creases

On your birthday, I only have one wish

That the happiness in your life increases"

" Aunts like you are cathartic

Everyone should have an aunt so terrific

Aunts like you are comforting

Not just that, you are also inspiring

Aunts like you make life beautiful

Fun, enjoyable and colorful

Aunts like you are a true example

Of their role in life being indisputable

Aunts like you are worth looking forward to

Happy birthday dear aunt, I love you"

" Aunts are like pillows

They give a tender support

When you need them for something

You will always get their vote

I am lucky to have an aunt like you so fine

You are the inspiration that makes me shine

Happy birthday"

Your love, care, smile and gentleness grow stronger with each passing year and this year as always we want to wish you all the best on your birthday. Happy birthday aunt.

You’re a very dear aunt who can brighten any day by bringing joy and sunshine in your own special way, So these wishes come to you for love and happiness not only for today, but for many, many years to come. Happy 50th Birthday, Auntie!

You should take classes to teach other women how to be fantastic aunts to their nieces and nephews. Happy birthday to an awesome aunt.

You have always bought me tons of goodies every time you visit. Today it is my turn to make your life sweet with this cake. Happy birthday to my dear aunt.

You deserve a birthday that is full of joys and colors. Happy Birthday, aunt!

"You are the only person that can embarrass my parents and not get in trouble for it.
Keep it up!
Happy birthday."

"You are special to our family and always will be. I wish you shall have a grand birthday!
Sometimes words are not sufficient to convey feelings. So, I can’t show you the exact amount of my love and honor for you. I wish you a very happy birthday, full of color and grandeur!"

You are mom's close friend, dad's favorite sibling, grandma's adorable child and grandpa's pride. But to me you, are the world's best aunt. Happy birthday.

You are allowed to retire from work but you are never allowed to retire from your role of being a cool aunt to her niece. Happy birthday aunty.

You are a parent minus the fighting, sibling minus the blaming, friend minus the betraying, mentor minus the obliging and a guide minus the preaching. You are my aunt but you play many other roles in my life. Happy birthday auntie.

With a sincere heart I want to wish you a lovely day today as you celebrate your birthday dear aunt. My prayer is that you will live to celebrate many more birthdays with joy and happiness. Happy birthday aunt.

Wishing you all the best returns in life my dear aunt. Have a great birthday!

Whenever I am in trouble, I imagine you standing in front of me and all my worries disappear. That is what you mean to me. Happy birthday aunt.

When I was young you didn't just bring me yummy treats and munchies. You actually brought me a lot of fond memories. Happy birthday to my loving aunt.

We want the whole world to know that today we are celebrating a remarkable woman. You have so much love to give us all and we bask in the glow of your tender loving care. Happy Birthday, Aunt!

Very few people in the family can actually become your friends. But you went a step further and became my closest confidante. Happy birthday aunt.

Today we are going to celebrate the birthday of a person who is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy the day and give us your love, dear Aunt!

Today is the best day for sharing this…You are a fantastic aunt and I wish you every happiness! Happy Birthday!

Today as you celebrate your birthday I wish you all the good things in life and say that you are such a wonder to me. Happy birthday Aunt.

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