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"I like you as my uncle

But I adore you as my best friend

When you are with me

I want the day to never end

I regard you as my uncle

But I admire you as my idol

In my life you’ve always

Been my role model

I respect you as my uncle

But I care for you like my dad

You are indeed the best

Uncle I’ve ever had

Happy birthday"

"I like making dad jealous

By telling him how wonderful you are

I like to see him go green with envy

When I say that you are my superstar

I like making my brother jealous

By wishing that he was like you

Everyone in the family knows

I love being your nephew

Happy birthday"

"I hope you enjoy your lucky day,
With all the happy things it has in store.
And because I think you are the best,
I hope you have many, many more.
Happy birthday to the most wonderful Uncle!"

"I have shared the best time with you
Some best memories which I name a few
Your teachings have helped me to grow
The different thing of life you showed
Your guidance have had a good role
To help me reach my goal;
Thanks uncle for all your love
You are simply the best
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!"

"I have had a good time in your company
And all the jokes that I have shared
You helped me a lot in need
And advised me to always do good deed
Uncle you have also inspired me a lot
So I would like to thank you from my every thought
You are simply the best
Happy birthday to you
May God bless you!"

"I don’t how I’d be able to

Tolerate my family

If you were not around to

Give me company

I don’t know how I would bear

All my cousins and siblings

If you weren’t there

To understand my feelings

I wouldn’t have been able to

Cope with anything

If not for an uncle like you

Who helped me with everything

Happy birthday"

"Here’s hoping that your birthday
will bring happiness today –
And may it bring the kind of things
you’d like to come your way.
Because if your day is happy
and special through and through –
Then you’ll know the birthday wishes
being made for you, come true.
Uncle you are wonderful
you’re loved so much each day –
And you deserve the best in life
to always come your way.
Happy Birthday Uncle"

"Having the kind of Uncle
who’s a special friend as well –
Someone to rely on, means
more than words can tell.
That’s why there’s so much love
in the special wish this brings –
For a birthday and a year
filled with all your favorite things!"

"Have a smashin’ birthday Uncle
‘cos it’s plain for all to see –
That when it comes to Uncles
you’re the bestest there can be!
Happy Birthday!"

"From the most expensive gifts

To the most affectionate love

You’ve given me everything

You’re an angel sent from above

From the most touching gestures

To the most heartfelt care

Such lovely moments in life

With me, I hope you always share

Happy birthday"

"For an Uncle who’s so special
far too nice, to forget
here’s wishing that this Birthday
is, your happiest, one yet."

"Everything looks so bright in your so presence
As you make everyone smile
All the problems just shun away
When you are there for a while
The cheer that you spread through
Is so mind-blowing too
Uncle you are truly the best
And you don't need to impress
Coz your company has a different charm
Your company is awesome!
Happy birthday to you!
May god bless you!"

"Everyone has a smile on their face
With your loving grace
You have always helped us when in trouble
Always did things without the say
Uncle today on your special day
May you have lots of fun
Because you are and will remain the number one
Happy birthday to you
May God bless you!"

"Every moment that I need you in life
You have always been there for me
Whenever it's time to have some fun
Or this on being the number one
I know that you are there and I can see
That you are simply the best
And I think that I am truly best
That I have a super uncle like you
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!"

"An uncle who I love

An uncle, for whom I care

An uncle to whom

I can lay my heart bare

An uncle who I adore

An uncle who I admire

To be like my uncle

Is what I aspire

To an uncle who celebrates

His birthday today

I give my heartfelt wishes

By saying happy birthday"

"All the uncles of the world would be put to shame

If they had a chance to meet you

They would be embarrassed if they came to know

All the things for me that you do

They would have to hang their heads down

If they saw how much you love me

For not treating their nieces so well

They’d be terribly guilty

Happy birthday"

"A perfect uncle is not the one

Who brings lots of treats

He is the one who always

Makes life super sweet

A perfect uncle is not the one

Who just pampers his niece silly

But the one who also supports

Her cause endlessly

You have ticked all boxes

In each category

My dearest uncle I wish

Like this you always be

Happy birthday"

"A birthday is a special occasion
it’s a day that’s all about you –
So fill it with the happiest things
and everything you like to do.
Happy Birthday To A Very Special Uncle"

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