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I wish my uncle turn best friend a happy and prosperous year. More productive years ahead!

I pray that your new year should bring you happiness and joy. Uncle, today is your day, so do enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

I hope my heart is able to convey this words of love, even without a gift, you remain more than a gift. Happy birthday, uncle.

I can't be jealous of anybody because they have uncles but I am very proud, I have an uncle that cares for and that's passionate about me. You are that uncle. Happy birthday, Uncle.

I appreciate you for moulding me to the person I am now. You have inspired me to be great and I will forever be grateful sir. Happy birthday, uncle.

I am happy to be your niece. You have been so good to me, as well as very generous with me. Have a beautiful day, thank you for everything.

I always look forward to the days when you come over the house with a cup of delicious Starbucks Frappuccino in hand. The coffee is just a bonus. The stories and advices you will share are the highlight of the day. Thank you for those wonderful moments and the coffee. Why not bring a bag of donuts with it next time? Cheers to you, uncle! Happy Birthday!

Hey, look at you my dear uncle. You have survived another year in life and I hope you will survive several years more. I love you so much. best wishes from niece who loves you the most!

Here’s the warmest birthday wishes to my favorite uncle. May your special day be as amazing as you are! Happy birthday from favorite niece!

Here’s the warmest birthday wishes to an incredible uncle. I truly believe that the future is preparing something very great for you. I love you and happy birthday from your niece!

Having you in my life is like having equilibrium, you make my world balanced. There is nothing else I need because you've got my back. Happy birthday, Uncle.

Having an uncle that loves you as much as your father is a gift I will forever be grateful for. Happy birthday to an uncle like a father. Long life and prosperity sir.

Happy birthday, uncle. You're the best version of you, on this planet. May you live long enough to eat the fruit of your labor. Happy birthday sir!

Happy birthday, Uncle. You deserve more than I can ever give you. You are a blessing to our family and to the world at large. Keep it up, uncle.

Happy birthday, Uncle. You answer a lot of my problems. You solved a lot of my issues. Your name will never be forgotten.

Happy birthday, Uncle. Words can't express how grateful I am to have such a man as my uncle. You can break legs cos it's your day. Do enjoy the atmosphere of celebration.

Happy birthday, Uncle. What can be compared to having an uncle like you? You are more precious than gold sir.

Happy birthday, Uncle. May your day bring you so much goodie and may your desires be fulfilled. I know you know you are an amazing person.

Happy birthday, Uncle. May your be the best father to your children and also the best uncle to me. Happy birthday uncle Jo.

Happy birthday, Uncle. May you earn favours like point. May your labours never turn naught. And may your days be filled with laughter.

Happy birthday, Uncle. May today come with so much love and celebration. May you get all the good in it. Keep being the awesome uncle.

Happy birthday, Uncle. Life will always be good for you. Love won't be found wanting. I wish you all the best in the new year, sir.

Happy birthday, uncle. I wish every one of your years are better than this one. Enjoy the sweetness of the new year!

Happy birthday, Uncle. Even though you are far away, your impact in my life has made my world beautiful! Happy birthday, uncle.

Happy birthday, uncle. All I wish for you clock a new year is that your achievements will not be drowned and your dreams will be fulfilled. Happy birthday to a great man.

"Happy birthday wishes
from your favorite niece
when you cut the cake
I want the first piece
Happy Birthday Uncle"

Happy birthday to the number one uncle in the world. I will forever be your number one fan. Your greatness is immeasurable and I pray that it stays like that for life.

Happy birthday to the greatest uncle in the world. I'll never forget you for teaching me to light up my world. You have been a perfect uncle to me. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my uncle. You are someone who looks out for people and that has brought out the good in me. Everyone I know admires you greatly.

Happy birthday to a gift of God to the world. May your mistakes not be too grave and may your strength be renewed. Have a great birthday, Uncle.

Happy birthday from your loving niece! I hope that today, you celebrate all of the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in life, as well as the many great experiences to come. Here’s to you, uncle!

Happy birthday from your loving niece! Having you as a part of my family has been a wonderful gift. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays full of cake, presents, laughter and love.

God be with you and he will never forsake​ you all the days of this year. Happy birthday, Uncle.

Every good thing in life is what I wish you today and every bad thing I rebuke concerning you. Live long in all goodness. Happy birthday, uncle.

Even though I wish you the best year, every birthday. Believe me that, this year's best will be greater. Happy birthday to you, uncle.

Dearest uncle, I would like to wish you lots of happiness, luck, good health and love. You deserve all these great things in your life, happy birthday!

Being your niece is always fun and never boring! I love the joy that you bring to any room that you’re in. Happy birthday, uncle, wishing you a fantastic day!

Being an amazing niece is easy, as long as there are uncles like you in the family. Happy birthday.

As your niece, I can’t express how much your love and support mean to me. You’ve always been my favorite uncle, as I’m not just saying that because it’s your birthday! I hope you have an amazing birthday, may the year ahead exceed all of your expectations.

As busy as your schedule might be, you are always available for us all to tend to our needs. You are the best. Happy birthday, Uncle.

All I pray for in this new year is for you to live a very long life. The kind of person you have become makes me proud to call you my uncle. Happy birthday, uncle.

A lovely year you had yesterday, a more lovely year I wish for you. Grow in grace, sir. Happy birthday sir!

A graceful year I wish you, uncle Ron, may you be blessed in all ramifications. Happy birthday sir

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