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You have lived a life of peace, hospitality and giving. I'm blessed to have an uncle in you. Happy birthday sir, may God take you higher.

You have been a blessing to lives and I join to tell the world to celebrate you. Happy birthday to you uncle, may God bless your new age with every good wish of your heart. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

You are my father, a mentor, a friend and a confidant. Thank you for being there always. Happy birthday, Uncle. Enjoy your day.

You are a living legend and I'm proud to have you as an uncle. Keep being you, keep winning, keep being the great uncle that you are. Happy birthday sir, many happy returns.

You are a father, a leader, a teacher and mentor, I'm highly honoured to have you in my life. Happy birthday, Uncle, I'm happy to celebrate with you. God bless you abundantly.

You are a blessing Uncle and I join the world to celebrate your special day. May you keep going from glory to glory and grace to grace. Enjoy.

You are a blessing to this world uncle, I pray to God that this birthday open doors of greatness for you. Happy birthday to Temitope most wonderful uncle in the world. Best wishes.

Wonderful birthday to you sir, it's been 365 days of God's faithfulness. You are my role model and I'm proud to have an uncle like you. You're the best.

When I think about how good you've been to me, the timely advice and encouragement, I know I'm blessed to have you in my life.

When I hear people talk so highly of a man that has blessed them and made them somebody, I smile and say to them, "that's my uncle". I am blessed to have you sir, Happy birthday to you. Long life and good health will be your portion.

Uncle, your life is a great testimony, you came, lived and conquered. I celebrate you, sir. This day, as you celebrate your birthday, may you be blessed beyond your expectations, many more achievements to your name sir.

Uncle, you're the pride of the family and we are happy to have you, may you keep going higher and being a shining light. Happy birthday to you. I love you.

Uncle, you have been a wonderful role model, your legacy worthy of emulation. I celebrate you today. Thank you for building and keeping us together as a happy family. Happy birthday sir. Many happy returns.

Uncle, you have been a source of joy and a blessing to your world. I wish you the best birthday ever. My all your dreams come true. Enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Uncle, with your lifestyle, you have laid the path for us to follow. Thank you for the childhood memories, the gifts, the fun and the holidays.

Uncle, welcome to another year, as you celebrate, may you reap the fruits of your labour and I pray you would remain happy forever. Happy birthday sir. Your little nephew loves you.

Uncle, thank you for being a source of life for many. Happy birthday to you sir. May God bless you beyond your imaginations and grant all your heart desires. Many happy returns sir.

Uncle, May this birthday open the windows of heaven to pour down blessings for you. May you celebrate many more blessed years in the land of the living. Have a blast.

Uncle, I'm proud to have the same blood you carry running through my veins, it's a thing of pride to be associated with you. Happy birthday to you, wishing you all the beautiful things of life.

Uncle, Happy birthday to you. Your life has been a visionary one, you've restored the hopes of many, may God reward you greatly. Enjoy your day.

Uncle, God has kept you alive to do his work always. May you keep shining as a light, and you add more years, great achievements will follow. Happy birthday to you sir, God bless you.

Uncle, as you add another year today, I pray you will eat the fruits of your labour, your children will be round your table to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, sir, God bless you, sir.

Today, the best uncle in the world celebrates his birthday and I'm happy he's mine. As you celebrate this day sir, may lines fall in pleasant places for you,

Today my uncle is plus one and I'm excited, God has kept you for 365days and has given you blessings and testimonies, let's celebrate a fruitful year and a better one upcoming. Happy birthday sir.

Today is your special day. I thank God for bringing you this far uncle, as you celebrate may you keep being a blessing and a wonder to this generation. God is with you. Happy birthday sir.

This is my birthday gift for you, sir. Success beyond comprehension and unlimited favour. Have a wonderful birthday Uncle, you deserve all the best things in the world.

Sometimes, I wonder how I'd have turned out without your influence. Thank you for being there while growing up. Love you, sir. Happy birthday to you.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever get to be like you, you make our family proud and I'm happy to celebrate your day with you. Many more years in joy and fulfilment. Happy birthday, uncle.

On your special day, I join the world to celebrate with you. It's been 365days of achievements and blessings. Happy birthday, Uncle. God bless your new age.

On this, your special day, may all your aspirations come to fulfillment. You're the best uncle in the world and I'm lucky to have you. Many happy returns. Cheers.

On this your day uncle, I wish you long life in good health and fulfilment of dreams, keep being a mentor to the coming generations, enjoy your day to the fullest. Have a wonderful birthday sir.

On this day your birthday. I pray God grant your heart desires, may you continue to be alive to influence others positively. Enjoy your day uncle. God bless you.

On this day your birthday, may you be visited by blessings, you'd receive favour as gifts, honour and success shall follow you forever. You'd enjoy many more years in good health and satisfaction.

On this day your birthday, I wish you open heavens and answered prayers. May you remain in good health and peace of mind. Happy birthday, uncle, Keep enjoying God's grace. Hurray!

On this day your birthday, I celebrate you uncle, you're one of the best things that happened in my life. May you eat the fruits of your labour, we your children will be profitable to you. Enjoy your day sir.

May this birthday bring the best life has to offer, may you be blessed beyond measures and may you spend more years in abundance and good health. Happy birthday, Uncle. God bless you.

Life would always find a way to reward good people. It has given you a good life worthy of celebration. Uncle, I join the world to wish you a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead. Happy birthday sir.

Life has favoured me with great people and you're one of the most important uncles, I celebrate you as you add another great year. May God give you all your heart desires and make you.

Join me to wish my wonderful uncle, a happy birthday, your life has been full of ups and downs, yet you conquered all obstacles and stand out victorious. Many happy returns sir. God bless your new age.

It's your day Uncle, enjoy yourself to the fullest. Keep living, keep celebrating in the lord. Happy birthday sir. God bless your new age.

It's the start of another year uncle and I wish you heaven's best. May God establish you and grant you all your heart desires. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

It's the start of a new year, you have lived a life of greatness. As you celebrate your birthday uncle, may all your dreams come true. God bless your new age.

It's the day you clock +1. God has been faithful to you uncle. Happy birthday, keep basking in the euphoria of God's grace. Enjoy your day.

It's a wonderful feeling to celebrate with my daddy, my uncle. my mentor and role model. Happy birthday sir. Long life and prosperity for you.

It is a bright new day and I'm happy because it's the birthday of someone special, my one and only uncle. Happy birthday sir, keep on enjoying the fullness of Grace. Many happy returns.

I'm proud to tell the world I have a caring, loving, and God fearing uncle. As you add another year today, may you keep throwing in grace and favour before all men, many happy returns sir?

I'm proud to carry the same blood as you uncle, you're my hero and role model. God bless you as you celebrate this birthday, long life in abundance of blessings.

I wanna join the world to celebrate my sweet uncle. God has been faithful and you have lived a life worthy of emulation. May God reward your good works and crown your efforts. Have a wonderful birthday sir.

I thank God for the life you've lived and I pray as you celebrate your birthday, the grace to live a more impacting life would be given to you. Happy birthday, Uncle. Love you.

I remembered when you treated me like a brother and groomed me into who I am, I celebrate your wonderful on this your special day. May God bless your new age.

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