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Happy birthday to a wonderful, sweet step sister! Sis, words cannot fully describe the amount of happiness I feel knowing that we are family. May this new chapter of your life bless you with fabulously wonderful and happy moments.

Happy birthday to a truly remarkable step sister! You are a wonderful step sister who brings joy and fulfillment into my life. On this special day, I just want to reassure you that our special bond shall never be broken!

Happy birthday step sister, you will always be the shining star for me, my inspiration, girl!

Happy birthday step sister, you are one of the greatest blessings from God, I am grateful.

Happy birthday step sister, thank you for pushing me when things got tough, I love you so!

Happy birthday step sister, I want you to know that you are worth much more than you think.

Happy birthday step sister, I never knew the joy of living with another female until you came.

Happy birthday step sister, I have wanted someone like you for a long time and here you are.

Happy birthday step sister, I got on your nerves a lot of time but you were patient with me.

Happy birthday step sister, here is to never thinking that I am inferior to you and loving me.

Getting so close to you was not imaginable, but it has been a great blessing, even though I never wanted it, I wouldn’t have been better without it. Happy Birthday, step-sister, your worth is inestimable.

Fortune escorted us together to live as sisters by heart, though we were not the sisters of same parents. Happy Birthday, my dearest step sister.

For me, it’s a great privilege and honor to refer to myself as your step sibling. A very happy and glorious birthday to you, my dear. You are a truly remarkable person!

Family doesn’t owe to genetics. It is build by unconditional love, care, devotions, sacrifice, capacities and tolerance for each other. Happy Birthday, my sweet step sister.

Every day, I begin my day by thanking God a thousand times for giving me the sweetest step sister ever. Sis, I love you as much as I love everything that keeps me happy and alive. May your Big Day be a truly fantastic one!

Every day I wake up beyond happy to have you in my life, dear step sister. Happy birthday and have a fabulously happy life.

Every brand new day, you give me a brand new reason to be thankful to the heavens for making us siblings. Happy birthday, my super sweet step sister!

Even though the same blood doesn’t run through our veins, I will do for you more than I might do for anyone who shares my blood, you have become that to me. Happy Birthday, step sister.

Cheers to the miracle that you are & will always be to me, enjoy a happy birthday step sister!

Can’t help but think of you as someone superior because I got on your nerves a lot of time, but you never acted strange to me. Happy Birthday step-sister.

By all accounts, you deserve to be honored with the “Best Step Sister of the Century” Award. Happy birthday, dearest sister!

A totally spellbinding birthday celebration is what I wish for you today because you are an amazing step sister. Have a blast!

A special day like this deserves a beautiful woman like this. Have a blast today step sis, may you grow wiser, prettier and healthier with each passing day step sister. Happy Birthday, dear!

A lot has brought us together, may we never grow apart for anything. Happy Birthday, step sister.

A good sister will share with you good and bad moments, but a great sister will share with you good, bad and awkward moments. You have been more than a sister. Happy Birthday, step sister, have a blast.

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