Happy birthday poems for Sister

"A happy birthday to my favorite
May your day be filled with
You should get the cake you want
along with that party
I wish you a great and wonderful
My favorite and beautiful sister"

" If not for you, who would teach me to how to flirt
To whom would I, all my secrets blurt
Whose perfumes would I playfully squirt
To whom would I beg to lend me her skirt
Who would I apologize to, after being curt
My life without you would have been dirt
Happy birthday"

" I once met a genie to whom

I said, hey mister

Do whatever you can, but give me

The world’s best sister

To have a sibling like you

I’ve always prayed

To this day, it has been

The best wish I’ve ever made

My life’s best feeling

Is when that wish came true

It’s the moment when

As a sister, I got you

Happy birthday"

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