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Do you know I have learnt the art of giving from you, grandpa? You always gave me the candies that my mother never allowed me to have. Happy birthday.

Majestic, magnificent, splendid, impressive and striking are a few synonyms of the word Grand. No wonder I call you Grandfather. Happy birthday.

Just like how the beautiful grandfather clock is the pride of our living room, you are the pride of our lives. Happy birthday grandpa.

I hope I can have the same energy and zest for life that you have right now. Happy birthday to the most active grandfather in the world.

My biggest inheritance from you will be all the love you have showered on me all my life. Happy birthday grandpa.

I am a big fan of yours, Granddad. Simply put: you are awesome. I wish you a happy and joyous birthday!

You’re the world’s best Granddad! I’m so lucky to have a grandfather like you! Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

You inspire me so much that if I really had to be you or Batman I would still choose you. Have a super birthday!

Celebrating your birthday with you is such a special honor. I love having you in my life Grandpa. Happy Birthday!

Here’s too many, many more years of perfect health and happiness to you on your special day, Granddad. May all of your days be pleasant and full of joy and happiness, just like you!

Grandpa, Thank you very much my good role model that I should look up to. I love you and happy birthday to you!!

On this special day of yours, I am happy to announce that you have won the award for the world most awesome Grandpa. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

Granddad! You have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Your personality says all about your journey of life. Your big heart is the most precious item I’ve ever found in my life. I wish I could be like you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday wishes to the role model of my life. Through this text message, I want to tell you that you are an inspiration for me. I love you, Happy Birthday!

My world would have been different if not for your love and inspiration. I adore you grandpa. Have a happy birthday.

Happy birthday grandfather. There are not enough words that I can use to tell you how important you are to me. You have given me so much. Thank you! Have a lovely day.

Hard to tell how old you are, looking that strong and lively. It’s a pleasure to know you and an honor to consider you as a friend. Happy birthday grandpa.

In another life, I would still want to have you as my grandpa and friend. I do hope my grandpa can smile to this wish… happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday grandpa! Your wisdom has made you an excellent teacher and an amazing friend. Stay awesome!

Happy birthday grandpa! You are a man of many stories and few words. A combination like that cannot help but make you smile. Enjoy your birthday!

"Having you in my life is the biggest blessing
Having you in my life is awesome
You know how to bring a smile
On every way and while
The way you pamper me
The way you take care of me
I feel so blessed to have you
I know your love is so true
Grandpa I so love you!
Happy birthday to you grandpa!
Stay blessed!"

"It does not really matter
Your age or you are aging with time
As you are still young at heart
You were such right from start
My lovely grandpa keep smiling all the way
Coz it's your lovely special day
Wishing you a lovely birthday!
Have a blessed day!"

"I have lost the count,
Of things you did for me,
All the years that went past by,
You only gave me glee,
So proud to have you in my life,
You have taught me the real meaning of strive,
Thanks for everything grandpa,
You mean the world to me,
Happy birthday!"

"Things do change with time I know
But my grandpa is the same
The age of innocence that is
That taking up my blame
You have been there for me thorough
And solved my every problem and doubt
I love you for that my grandpa
Happy birthday to you grandpa
Stay blessed!"

"So sweet are your ways,
So sweet is your grace
Grandpa when you smile it really has an impact on my day
Your loving and caring vibes
Teaches many lessons per say
You are the best grandpa you know
I may not even show
But I love you from my heart
Happy birthday to you grandpa
Stay blessed!"

"The first time when you held my finger
The first time you wiped my tears
The first game that we played
Of all the tests in life which laid
The first lesson that you taught me
Made me clear of things to see
Grandpa you are the best you know
And I just want to show
My love for you
Happy birthday to you grandpa!
Stay blessed!"

"You are so cool and you know my style
You are there in my every while
You understand me like no one else
You are to me so sweet
On this special day my grandpa
I just have a wish to greet
That you stay healthy and hearty in life
You are the reason why I strive
Happy birthday to you grandpa
Stay blessed!"

"I have learned so many things from you
I really never knew
That I would copy you one day
Your personality is such dynamic
And your wisdom in every way
Grandpa you are the source of inspiration
For many things to come
For me you are and will remain
My favorite number one
Happy birthday to you grandpa!
Stay blessed!"

"More than my grandpa you are my friend
There is nothing that I can hide from you
There is nothing to pretend
You know me in and out
And you don't even shout
It's the best equation that we share
Coz I know my grandpa you are always there
For me in life
Happy birthday to you grandpa!
Stay blessed!"

"I look up to you in everything I do
Your support peps me up in life
I look up to you for everything
Even in my hard days and strive
You inspire me in every way
You motivate me to have my say
Grandpa you are the best
And I love you than the rest
Happy birthday to you grandpa!
Stay blessed!"

"The meaning of life,
The things of hope,
The dreams of happy tomorrow,
With you there is no shadow of sorrow,
You are so cool my grandpa,
And, I truly love and adore you much,
My love for you is pure and such,
Love you a lot,
Happy birthday!"

"Deep down, I always knew,
That you really care for me,
Your harshness was fake,
It was for me to make,
The most out of love,
I truly love you grandpa,
You are and will remain the best in life,
Love you so much!
Happy birthday!"

"I would like to be like you,
So full of warmth and serenity,
I am so very blessed in life
Because you were in my destiny,
My loving grandpa I love you a lot,
From my most pleasant thought,
Just stay the way you are,
Shine like the sparkling star,
Happy birthday to you!"

"Why you are the best,
I will tell you in my loving nest,
You tell my bedtime story,
You make me smile in glory,
You bless me when I need the most,
You are there in my every mess,
I just need to confess,
That you are and will remain the best,
Happy birthday grandpa!"

"You are the best in whatever you do,
I haven't come across a good person like you,
Grandpa you are the only guide in my life,
Who has taught me to strive,
You have a special place in my heart,
And, your love can never part,
In my life,
I love you so much grandpa,
Happy birthday!"

"Your wisdom can't really match with anything
Your wisdom is such I know
I may not tell you every way
And may not even show
But you are the source where I find the strength
And your care is amazing
I just want to tell you a thing
That I so love you
Happy birthday to you grandpa!
Stay blessed!"

"When I chose to play in life,
You bought my favorite toy,
Innumerable times in life,
You have given me all the joy,
You are too good to be true,
Grandpa I so love you,
And I am so blessed to have you in life,
You are special,
Happy birthday!"

Your wishes are always for the betterment of other people, so they will always come to pass. Happy Birthday grandpa. Thanks for teaching us how to love.

Your new age excites me, grandpa; it is a remarkable feat to stay alive in good health for so long. I hope I can emulate your longevity.

Your birthday is a perfect platform that brings people together to analyze your success and your methodologies, thanks for being a good mentor and grandfather.

Your age has increased by one today, but you are still the same lovely and caring granddad I knew since I was little. It seems true that human’s inherent nature hardly changes.

You’ve never made it hard for me to look up to you grandpa, you’re such a great man in all your deeds. We want to wish you a very awesome birthday. Congratulations sir.

"You’re more than a Grandfather. You are an inspiration, a perfect example.
You are one of the most awesome people that I have ever known.
That’s why I love you! Happy Birthday to you! May you have many more special days!"

You taught me that you are never too old to enjoy a birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

You raised the bars high for everyone to reach, Happy Birthday to a numerous achiever, respected gentleman and a fantastic grandfather.

You must be having the secret to staying young. I can’t even imagine how it feels to have lived that long. Have a glorious birthday grandpa.

You can be compared to wine because you get better with age, you look younger than your new age, I pray that God grants my grandfather many years ahead.

You are truly the Solomon of my generation. Wishing you a happy birthday grandpa.

You are the best grandfather alive therefore your birthday will be celebrated with much importance. I have already invited family and friends so expect for a full house.

You are one of the best old dudes I know. That’s saying something because a lot of people are older than me right now. Happy birthday to the best old dude around.

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