Happy birthday wishes For Friend

» For Friend

Things are always going to be tough but so are you so never let life get the best out of you.

There is something about your birthday that always get me all hype up and happy, thank you!

There is nothing wrong with being weird, it suits you, may you have the grooviest birthday.

There is nothing I wish for more than that you immense yourself today and just have fun.

There is no one in the school I would rather be friends with than you, boy, have a grand day!

There is no one else I would rather be friends with but you, you are my best male friend ever!

There is no black and white in friendship, I will always be here, have some me-time today.

There is goodness within you that no one can ever overshadow, I love you, have a great day.

There are so many great things out there for you, my friend, may you see the good in this day.

The tip to being happy is to always try to think about the things that makes you human.

The measure of true friendship is when I wish you all the worst and you love me just the same.

The good things in life are truly free if you just learn to put your faith on people, once more.

The future that is waiting for you is sure to be the best, I believe that now, enjoy your birthday

Thank you for always being with me even when I am as sloppy and slow as I am, you idiot.

Take a break from your work and just have some good old fun with me today, is that okay?

Supporting you is already a second nature to me and that’s just the reality of this life we are in.

Stop being gloomy and bring back the friend that I know, happy birthday my dearest friend.

Smile as if you do not have any problem at all and later on, you will think you actually don’t.

Share everything you have with people who needs it and you will be just fine, happy birthday.

People change all the time but I just hope that what we have, this friendship, never will.

One day you will realize that growing up is not such a bad thing, have a great birthday party.

Once in a while let go of things and I just hope that you may make the most of life from today.

On your special day, I am sending all of my warm wishes to you in hope that you will like it.

On your special day I wish you a life full of exciting adventures and joyous surprises!

Nothing feels the same without you by my side, how I really wish you are here with me now.

No one would ever come close to the place you have here in my heart, believe me when I say it.

Never lose hope on the things that matters to you, one day you will get them, happy birthday.

My friend, I want you to spend this day like you are the king of the universe because it is a very special day for you and I am happy to be a part of your life at this time. Happy birthday!

More than ever, I want to say that I am so proud of you and all that you have achieved in life.

May your day have the most amazing sun and that it shines one you for once, happy birthday!

May you realize that I would always be here for you no matter the circumstance, happy birthday.

May you have the most wonderful life because you deserve to be happy, my dearest friend.

May you have a very happy birthday today because you need to have some fun in your life.

May the heavens up above eventually bless you with things greater than what you are thinking.

May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year. May it take you to the most amazing place that you always wanted to be. Happy Birthday, my friend!

Make today something to be celebrated because it is the day you are born in this world.

Life is like a sea, full of floods and tides, so may this birthday catch you the boat of luck and happiness. Be happy now, tomorrow and forever, buddy. Good luck for one more new year. Happy birthday!

Let us go and throw you the most exciting birthday party ever because you deserve just that.

Let us celebrate this moment for this is the one you were born in, the one that matters most.

Let go of your inhibitions in life and try something new for once, my friend, you can do this!

Keep on chasing your dreams and making another one as you achieve one, happy birthday!

Keep chasing your goals until you finally reach them and achieve them, I love you so much.

It’s honor to have you as a friend, dear. I truly don’t know much better and more amazing man, who can help you anytime and anywhere. It’s absolutely unique. For everything you do, wish you the best and the happiest birthday!

It would be a good idea to finally try to take care of yourself more, my friend, try it out.

It is okay to have some fun once in a while especially when you really do deserve to be happy.

I would rather lose it all if I do not have a friend like you in my life, have a happy birthday!

I wish you would never get tired of hearing me out for I will never tire of you, enjoy today!

I wish you to have an extremely happy birthday! As a friend, you‘re not precious – you are priceless to me!

I wish you health, happiness and luck in this birthday of yours, because you deserve it, boy!

"I wish you a joyous heart, a peaceful mind and the most successful life!

Happy Birthday, my dear friend!"

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