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"Happy birthday colleague,
I hope you have great fun,
We’ll raise a toast and have a laugh,
I brought cake for every one.
Your birthday is a special time,
You deserve a little rest,
For all the hard work that you do,
Is by far the very best.
Have A Great Day!"

"From office politics and manipulative behavior

You are my true savior

From meeting room blunders and bad decisions

Your guidance and advice is the best prevention

For efficient performance, quarter after quarter

You are my true motivator and supporter

For performance appraisals and promotions

Your presence is the perfect supervision

I mean it, not saying it to make you feel better

Happy birthday, to the best colleague ever"

"Daydreaming of spending the day
doing whatever you want
You snap out of it, only to be at
work on your birthday
While we can’t give you what you
We hope our cheer and presents
can be a substitutes"

"Colleagues are many

And friends are few

But I’ve found both

In one person which is you

It is one thing to be helpful

But you go much beyond

We have much more than

Just a professional bond

To the colleague who has

Come to be my close friend

Lots of good wishes

I want to send

Happy birthday"

"Colleagues are friends
They understand each other
Dealing with the same things
Our boss and the hours that sometimes drag on long
So since we understand each other
I want you to know
That I wish you
A very happy birthday
And a great year!"

"Co-worker, friend and mentor

Guide, advisor and supporter

These just a few different names

For a colleague who tames

All the problems that arise at work

By finding solutions without going berserk

So let’s celebrate the birthday

Of the man, who truly keeps troubles at bay

Happy birthday"

"Close your eyes,
Make your wishes clear,
What would you like,
To accomplish this year?
A new promotion?
Or a chance to shine?
A brand new project?
Or contract to sign
Hope your wish comes true"

"As your colleagues, we can go on and on

To tell you how much we admire you

But that long story will make you yawn

So we will summarize, in lines a few

The truth is that every worker around here

Thinks that you are the only guy

Whose principles and ethics are never bent

Everyone sees you as their friend and ally

Happy birthday"

"Another year gone,
another year passed
You’ve made our time in the office, really a blast
You’re kind and hard working
You make the hours go fast
I hope the joy on this day is overflowing and plentiful
You deserve the best
Your work is fantastic,
you’re one of a kind
A really great find
We’re really so happy, this is where you spend your time!
Wishing you the happiest of moments on your special day."

" The definition of a colleague

You have redefined

To office politics and lies

You have acted blind

You have pushed the boundaries

In each and every way

And helped others even when

You are having a bad day

Treating others’ success as your own

Is what you have shown by example

I feel blessed to have

A colleague who is so special

Happy birthday"

" Looking at my watch

Has now become history

Yawning away in my cubicle

Is replaced with lots of energy

Gone are the days when I

Treated work like a chore

Now I don’t see work as

A tedious task that is a bore

And the credit goes to you

For making this happen

You are a friend and a colleague

A perfect two-in-one

Happy birthday"

" Just because you are

A professional in a suit

Just because you have

The responsibility to recruit

Just because you have been

Vested with the power

Of hiring an applicant

Now or maybe never

Don’t think that we can’t

Pull you aside today

And ask you to treat us

In the most luxurious of ways

Happy birthday"

" I am lucky to have joined

An office that has you

If I was employed someplace else

I would really have been blue

My job and my profile

The reason I appreciate

Is because I have found in you

A wonderful workmate

It often makes me wonder

If it wasn’t for your presence

Working here may have been

A disappointing experience

Happy birthday"

Your partnership brought refreshment to my soul and with your help I am able to love what I do again. Happy Birthday to you my lovely colleague. You deserve to throw a party for this.

Your decisions reflect the choices of your life. Make a better choice, change your decision. Have a stunning birthday.

Your Big Day is a day to remember that there are more goals to achieve and more dreams to come true. Have a great celebration, colleague!

You’ve faced a lot of strong challenges but you often said it is inevitable and that your only choice is to come out on top. I’m glad you came out victorious. Happy Birthday colleague.

You provoke confidence among average people to work like superior, that’s the best point in your management that you know how to work within the team. Have a wonderful birthday.

You make happy hour happy, you fill the office with laughter and memories that I can take home and smile about. Happy Birthday you beautiful soul, may all your wishes come true.

You have enough skills to control the variable factors producing during manufacturing overhead. You know how to use the intelligence at the right time. Happy Birthday.

You have efficient management skills which lead towards climbing the ladder of success. We learn a lot of things in your leadership. Have a wonderful birthday.

You have been there for me since I started out here, today, I get the chance to thank God for you coming into this world, you are truly heaven sent.

You have an inspiring personality that allows people to motivate towards positivity. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

You are the most shining star in our office family. Your work speaks your hidden talent. Have a wonderful birthday. May you have thousands of beautiful events.

You are the most authentic man and always do things right. That’s why we have a firm trust in your work. Happy Birthday.

You are the best colleague I could ever imagine! I wish you a fabulous birthday, you deserve it!

You are the best colleague and only focus on establishing and fulfilling team goals rather than gossips. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

You are not just a colleague, but the best friend of mine. We became friends at our workplace and gradually our friendship became so strong. I feel so glad that you are my best friend. Have a wonderful birthday.

You are my role model. I can copy your each and every style that reflects your personality but I fail to copy your intelligence. It is really God gifted. I wish you all the best for your life. Have a great day. Happy Birthday.

You are my friend but you have developed to be my family and I feel so knitted to you. May you never know sorrow in your life and may God lift you beyond your expectations. Happy Birthday colleague.

You are more than just a colleague; you are a friend, a confidant to me. Your birthday brings me joy today because I love to see you happy because you bring joy to other people. Happy Birthday colleague.

You are like the solution of my every problem. I never plan to open any search engine to find the solution of my problems because I have a live search engine where I can get the solution of my problems. Happy Birthday my dear mentor.

You are just 18 years old with 12 years of experience… Never forget that! Happy Birthday, colleague!

You are fully loaded with excellence, efficiency and effectiveness – the right talent doing the right thing at the right time. Have a great birthday my dearest colleague.

You are definitely someone fun to work with, you are the one that makes my working days worthwhile, you are not only a colleague but a friend also. Enjoy your birthday fully.

You are an awesome colleague, you make my days at work fun and amazing, I am happy to work as long as I work by you. Happy Birthday dear, may all your wishes come true.

You are a shoulder I can lean on, a friend I can count on and a colleague that makes me look forward to work each morning. Live longest my dear, Happy Birthday.

You are a great workmate, everybody loves you and that’s what makes you an awesome person. I am glad you walked into my life and that I get to share this awesome day with you. Happy Birthday dearie!!

You are a colleague I am proud to call my confidant and my best friend. I wish you success astonishing as you clock a new age today. Happy Birthday colleague, stay blessed.

You always put a smile on my face when you walk into the office; a good day has you in it. Have a Happy Birthday my dear colleague you are a treasured member.

You always focus on the change to get the better results. Must change the concepts of working as well as living with time gives the new aspects of life. Happy Birthday my friend!

Working with you is one of the things I look forward to each morning, I hope you enjoy each and every second of your birthday my dear, I love you to the moon and back colleague.

Working by your side on a daily basis has changed me as a person and as a team worker. You are a great example to follow if one desires excellence in this line of profession. Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday. Have a splendid celebration.

Without colleagues like you, workplaces would be devoid of the two most important things – smiles and laughs. Happy birthday.

With you on this team we have lots of benefits, job moves faster, we crack jokes better and we feel happy doing what we do. May God bless you as you celebrate your birthday today and may it not be the last you will celebrate. Enjoy the glamour of the day.

Wishing you all the happiness, peace, pleasure and success come into your life and you enjoy the every moment of your life. Happy Birthday.

Wishing many golden years ahead for the most honorable colleague of all! May the upcoming years bring you only peace and joy to your home!

Wishes for a sweet colleague, someone who not only makes work easier in the office but someone who gradually became a friend I can count on. Have a fantastic time as you share this day with those who love you. Happy Birthday love!

When new recruits are given orientation on their first day, they must be told that they have to aim to become model employees and terrific colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

Today is the big day of your life, so just don’t you even try to do any work today. It’s your birthday and you will enjoy the whole day with us. Have a blasting birthday my dearest colleague.

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