Funny happy birthday wishes For classmate

Its been 10 years in the same school, I can’t clearly remember a day you were in class and I got bored. Nope! No chance. Happy birthday.

It’s your birthday bestie I deserve an extra piece of cake and I promise I will request the class teacher to make you the monitor for the month, you deserve a lot of happiness and I love you to the moon and back dear.

It’s my good luck that I have a classmate like you. You have a soft corner and do care for everyone. You are the most active and bright student of the class. Happy Birthday.

Isn’t it simply awesome when you and your best friend share same class, the never-ending fun and pranks keeps you engaged in dull school life. Cheers to one such friend. Happy birthday.

In class, we just kept flirting each other but with time this flirt turned into our precious love. I’m still missing you. You were not the classmate of mine but my life. Happy Birthday.

If more people were like you, then the world would be a better place. Always on my mind and prayers, Happy Birthday classmate.

I’ve never seen a man who loves money like you friend, no wonder you always take first position in statistics. What a calculative mind you have. Happy Birthday Classmate.

I’m going to miss all my university days. The boring lectures, sitting with friends in cafeteria, outing and exams preparation. That’s all because of my dear classmate. Happy Birthday.

I’m glad to celebrate another year with a very special friend of mine. Here's wishing you lots of fun and sweet memories on your special day. Happy birthday, my dearest schoolmate!

I’m glad our paths crossed, you are not only a classmate, but a very dear friend and I hope you remain true as you grow older. Hearty birthday!

I totally deserve an extra piece of cake for tolerating a friend like you in class, happy birthday bestie.

I thank the lord for bringing you to my class, you are a true friend and an awesome classmate, may you always win. Hearty birthday!

I remember every single detail. From annoying others, gossiping and bunking classes to stressing out a day before exam. We had a whale of a time, right? Happy Birthday to you, my dearest. Meet me soon.

I really love a Classmate like you, I love how confidence oozes out of your body like smoke . May your day be filled with joy and happiness. Happy Birthday Classmate.

I pray all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. You have been an amazing classmate, and I wish you all the best in this life. May you remain blessed, and may this birthday always be a special one to remember.

I miss our naughty pranks, our sleeping in class, getting punished together, eating lunch together and yes failing in mathematics together. happy birthday dear.

I feel blessed that I know you; I thank the Lord for bringing you into this world not only to be a helpful classmate but also a great friend. Hearty birthday dear!

I considered you a nosy classmate the first day we met and I am glad to know that you are still the nosy one. Happiest Birthday you nosy little fellow. Have a blast.

I can’t imagine how much you mean to me. A schoolmate with a such a deep heart is special and rare; indeed, you are so special to me. Here's wishing you a prosperous year and a birthday filled with sweet memories.

Hey fellow classmate, it’s your birthday today, I hope you get blessed with all your wishes and hope you asked some for me too. Happy birthday mate.

"Having such an amazing person close to me fills my soul with joy, which is a good thing when you're sharing a room! Wishing you lots of joy and happiness today and every day.

Have a great birthday dear classmate, I wish you the best in all your ventures and endeavors. Be blessed and happy!

Happy birthday to the most intelligent kid in the class, and thank god for making him my best friend, happy birthday dear.

Happy Birthday to my reading friend, my academic stand changed when I started reading with you. Thanks for helping me in this aspect. Enjoy your special day.

Happy birthday to my best buddy. It’s really very tough for me to forget that you gave me plentiful memories.

Happy birthday to a friend who is lucky to be blessed with the most phenomenal classmate in the world. Gosh! I envy you.

Happy Birthday my best friend and Classmate. I want you to know that success is a science, if you have the condition you’ll get the result. Success is at your reach friend. Happy Birthday Classmate.

Happy birthday dear, having you as my classmate is one of the best school experience i had and I will cherish it all my life, have a wonderful life ahead.

Happy Birthday celebration dear love and special classmate. May you enjoy the present level and the one to come.

Happy birthday buddy, I just want you to know that you are an awesome person and an amazing classmate. You deserve a lot of happiness and fun.

Happy birthday buddy I promise not to share any of your bad photos online today, except when you were punished in class, party hard.

From the first day we met here, I knew you would make my world more alive. Hope to always share in your birthday dear classmate.

From being strangers to becoming classmates to turning into best buds the journey has been quite enthralling, right? Happiest Birthday to you dear. Wish you lots of love and happiness.

Enjoy your beautiful day to its fullest. Life is only one trial, try to make the most of it. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my sweet classmate.

Dreams can be executed if you are willing to do this. Make your dreams into your destination. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sweet friend.

Despite having a lot of misconceptions between us. You will always be my best classmate. I wish you the happiness and joy come into your life. Happy Birthday.

Dear best friend, your hugs and smiles have brought happiness to my face many times, your kind nature has helped me to look good in bad things, there are classmates but I bet there is no one like you, happy birthday buddy.

Couldn’t Forget your funny but honest answer you gave when asked why you go to school. “For money of course” just like you said that day. Happy Birthday to you Classmate.

Couldn’t forget when I was asked a question in class and I couldn’t answer, I felt so ashamed, but you comforted me. I’m so honored to be your friend mate. Happy Birthday.

Birthdays are special right? I know the feel. So, make the most of it and party hard. Happy Birthday.

As you celebrate another year of your life, I wish you much love, fun, and happiness. Happy birthday to my dearest roommate!

As you blow out your candles, may this day be one that you will forever remember. Happy Birthday dear classmate, another one just for you!

Another year with you in the same class means another year won’t suck, happy birthday my class fellow.

A smile can give a new hope to others. Keep smiling and be happy. Happy Birthday, my dear classmate.

A brilliant student like you is lazy, and you always still manage to pull it off, only you know what you’ll achieve if you put more effort. Happy Birthday to you.

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